Still no Ubuntu boot


I am a beginner with Linux so please bear with me. I erased and formated drive 0 (the ATA drive) re-installed Ubuntu and during installation it got a 49 gig partition. The bootsector was assigned to Linux drive 0,0. The installation was normal, restarted the computer and opened BCD. I created a Linux entry fro drive 0,1 (windows language) and restarted the computer. I selected the Linux OS and got the following error "GRUB READ ERROR" and nothing else. Earlier I tried changing things around from the terminal from both Ubuntu and Knoppix disks but did not the admin pass word to red-install GRUB so what now?

Thanks for your patients.

That's awesome news John, glad to hear it.
Care to add what the problem was? Might be helpful to some of our other users.