STOP Error when trying to install XP


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To Whom it May concern,
I installed EasyBCD 1.7.1 on a new system that came installed with Vista Business Edition. I was planning on completely removing the Vista Bootloader and partition and reformatting/installing Windows XP. I have done this before with Easy BCD in the past and it has always worked flawlessly. I followed the command line instructions... I can not remember where I found these instructions, but this is what I entered from the EasyBCD Power Console prompt:
cd bin
mbrfix /drive 0 fixmbr /yes
mbrfix /drive 0 clean

However, upon reboot with my Windows XP install CD, it loads all the drivers and install configuration, but when it comes to finding any partition to install Windows XP I receive the following STOP error:

STOP: 0x0000007B
This error is then followed by memory registers and then says the boot partition may be infected with a virus.

If I boot without the XP install CD it boots to a screen that says:
"operating system not found"

I wondered if I needed to change the native SATA to IDE. However, this is a Sony VAIO and when I access the BIOS there are no options to remove virus checking for the boot sector nor is there any options to changes the disk controllers. I am thinking this has been caused by the version of Vista? I should have added it into my list of O/S's? Any suggestions on what can be done? Thanks.

Jon, best clean the drive so there's no partitions before proceeding if you want an XP only computer and don't care about losing anything on it. You can do this easily with a Partition Wizard bootable CD.