Strange logon event today


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Logging on to Vista today I got something I've never seen before. The little circle started spinning as usual then some script appeared "The System Event application could not start" and I was taken back to the log on. The second attempt succeeded.
Now this really is a mystery. I first read your answer above whilst in XP, so I rebooted to get into Vista. Got a BSOD and immediate reboot (too fast to read) then got in to Safe Mode OK. Nothing untoward in the Event Viewer so assume the BSOD at least was a hardware glitch as I then booted into regular Vista as usual with no problems.
In the event viewer there are a few exclamation marks but nothing serious around the time the above happened or when my BSOD happened...very strange.
I looked in ACEEvent, Applications, Security, Setup, and System.

I noticed that the "Forwarded Events" (to Microsoft I assume) is blank even though I have opted to report all errors. Unless that log is for something else.
So CG, your guess is as good as mine right now!
Weird.. I'm really starting to hate Windows Vista myself...
I left my PC on overnight (like I always do) to download some stuff over BT.

I woke up in the morning, it had hibernated itself. Turning it on resulted in a reboot loop.
Using restore last good configuration resulted in a BSOD.
Safe mode resulted in a frozen screen.

Had to use system restore from the DVD.... I have no idea what's wrong :frowning:

Vista really really sucks. I can't wait for SP1.
I know exactly what you mean. In a dual boot XP wipes out all Vista's restore points too which is a real pain in the you-know-what.
The answer may come with XP SP3 according to an email I got from Microshaft. They stressed the "may" rather hard so I doubt it'll be dealt with.
The answer to the above of course is Bitlocker, which naturally doesn't work in my setup for some unknown reason.