Strange Startup Problems


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I managed to finally fix vista on my computer, and I managed to mess it up again.:frowning: Something very strange happens on startup into vista. I get to the login screen, and log in successfully. Then, the screen goes blank. The first time I encountered this, there was a popup error message that said something like "Permissions for this feature have been blocked" or something like that. It doesn't show the popup messages anymore, but the truly odd thing is that I can still hit Ctrl+Alt+Del, and select the task manager. The task manager window appears, but still nothing else. It's like my desktop won't show, but the rest of the OS is working fine. I tried going into the boot disc to the command line, and running the chkdsk command, but it said the disk cannot be written to. What should I do to fix this problem?
Well sadly it seems you haev blocked permission to your profile.

Have you tried booting into Safe Mode and logging in under the Admin account and see if you can create a new account and log in with that? If so that will be your best shot of trying to recover your system without a format.
Alright let me try to say this. Yes you can access your account but as you see it doesnt load. Which means that some part of your profile needed Admin access and was denied. Therefor it doesnt finish loading anymore. Do you get the start menu and everything just no wallpaper? Or does nothing show up until you load it with the Task Manager?

Everything should still be able to be accessed with the new account. At least the files will be the programs you might have some troubles with if you only allowed them access to that profile.
When I try to start up vista normally after login, nothing shows up; it's just a blank screen. Also, I tried loggingin as the admin, but then I realized that since my account is the only one on my vista, my account was the admin account. I can only log in with my account in safe mode, too. Also, when safe mode loads, it's just a blanks screen with the words "Safe Mode" in each corner.
That just tells me that the Safe Mode isnt working right. There is a Admin account that is hidden and should only been seen when booting into safe mode. Vista's default account is a power user with admin rights. It is actually not the admin account.

So basically what this has told me is that 1. Your safe mode isnt showing the Admin account and 2. Your profiles are corrupt or since you didnt give them admin privledges they can not fully load. You may be able to log in but they are not loading after you type in your password.

So unless Guru knows a way around this it seems that you might be stuck having to format and reinstall. Sorry.
Crap. I worked so hard to get all my data onto my hard drive. >.< Now It's going to all get deleted again... If you'll excuse me, I think I'll just go into a little corner and cry for a while.
Yes but that is only a temp solution. There might come a time when it wont boot at all. So you are better off backing up your data now and re-installing. That way if it does come to the time when you cant get into Windows you are not stuck looking back going i should have. :wink:
I have run into another problem. For some reason, my disc drive cannot read CD-R's anymore. It can read other disks fine, but not CD-R's. How do I fix this? My Drive is a Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-850S ATA.
This could be a trickle effect that i was talking about. Things always get worse right before the end is near. Since you still have not re-installed yet thigs are just gona start to go down till you finally cant boot the system.

Even if we can figure out why the CD-R's are not being read today doesnt mean that something else wont go wrong tomorrow.

The best advice i can give here is to backup, format and re-install. This is the only sure way we can try to work with a more stable enviroment.
After the backup, format, and installation, will I be able to restore my computer's files and programs through the backup and restore center on my new vista install?
Did you make the backup thru the Restore Center? If you did then you should be able to no problem.
If you mean the boot file for Ubuntu then yes. But if you are talking about the file syou kept within Ubuntu i dont think so. That one will ahve to be answered by Mahmoud.

But it should copy the boot files but other than that it should see your Ubuntu files. they should be on a different file system.
Would it copy the boot files, even?

(We're talking about the Files and Settings Backup Wizard, right?)

It won't backup your files from Ubuntu. But there is no reason to format the Ubuntu partition as well - only format Vista's NTFS partition and reinstall it to there - no need to touch Ubuntu whatsoever.

It probably won't restore your boot settings, but at that point all you need to do is redo the "Back in Windows Vista" steps in the Ubuntu guide (simply a matter of clicking the right button in EasyBCD).