Can anyone explain how I can stream movies from my Pc in the loft to the tv in the living room.I have a dual boot pc running both Xp and win 7 ultimate. I connect to the internet using Dlan plugs through my modem, the wi-fi cannot connect up two stories high for some reason.
We currently watch movies at the pc because I use a large Hd tv as a monitor.
I live in France and the nearest cinema is twenty five miles away and it's all in French anyway.
Any help gratefully received.
To stream content you'll need another computer in the living room or a dedicated Windows Media Center extender. You may need to share the folder with the contents you want to stream over your network but as long as everythings on the same network and Windows Media Center supports playback of a given file it should work.
The tv is not connected to the pc, however I have an extra long usb cable, can I link the tv to my modem and then create a network that includes my tv? Or do I need to buy an extender?
You can buy A/V streaming gizmos which modulate the AC supply. Just plug one in next to your PC and make the appropriate PC connection, and another next to the TV, and it will network via the house wiring.
Technically, yes. But it would need to have video out support. If it's an old laptop, it probably doesn't have anything other than VGA, so you won't get anything hi-def.
After considering many suggestions and expensive methods of streaming from my computer in the loft, to the television on the ground floor, I finally came up with an answer which might work. So please anyone tell me why it wont work, or better yet how to do it. I already network round the house, in France; because we found that Wi-Fi routers would not function up two floors, I have used Devolo plugs that do the job well. I download various programs and films and we watch them, rather than banal British tv, but have to do this in the loft with the computer. Now although the tv has no internet connection the Grundig freesat hd box has. So is it possible to use this method, streaming to the freesat box and hence into the tv. Sorry this is long winded but trying to explain best I can.
Wont work AFAIK. The reason being is that the net connection on the HD Box is for use of that device to connect to the net to get updates and stream from your provider, not to be used as a connection between your PC and TV.

You will need to find something else like Justin said, a Windows Media Center Extender, that can do this for you. Something as simple as an XBOX 360 can do it. There are also programs that can run on your PC that you can connect with such systems like TVersity and PlayOn.