Stuck CD


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I have a HP Touchscreen All-in-One desktop computer. I recently used Roxio to burn a data CD. However, I could not get it to finalize. I nevertheless put it in my CD drive to see whether or not it would play. The CD became stuck in the CD/DVD drive, and I cannot get it out. It responds to neither the eject command nor the eject button. All it does is whirr and click repeatedly. I do not see any small hole to use in ejecting the disk. Also, since this accident, my system (Windows 7) has been screwed up. I think I can repair the system, but is there any way to get that CD out of the drive without removing the drive or taking it to a repair center? I am a relatively naive computer user, so any possible explanations will need to be in the computer version of baby talk. Thank you in advance for any suggestions you might have. drneuro
I've had software refuse to eject a problem CD before.
Try shutting down the PC, rebooting, and hit the eject button before the BIOS tries to read the CD.