Stuck in HnS

saphire 199

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Ok, don't know what happened, but here goes: had to format/reinstall XP, so I uninstalled HnS, installed XP, ran BCD, etc. Once back in Vista, ran HnS (build 56), everything seemed fine. Then today I ran some updates while I was in XP (only one of note is an NT update). Then I shut off computer. When I turned back on, it went from the first grub menu (which ends at halt) to just displaying Grub, with the cursor, ie, I am in the grub command. I tried using the Vista recovery, but it shows no problem booting into vista, so nothing to correct. I used the XP disk to boot into XP (so I could write this), no problem there - but all the Vista drives/partitions are hidden, so I have no way to get into vista to fix this. I tried BCD, which shows the vista partition, but as there is no real problem with the boot files, I didn't touch it. It seems that somehow HnS hung and I don't know how to get it unhung. Is there a series of commands I could enter when in grub to get going again?

Thanks CG. As soon as I saw your reply I realized that all I had to do was enter the commands usually used (ie, menu.lst) to get into Vista. The grub thing freaked me out as I'm not really trained in DOS and I'm afraid to screw things up:smile: So I got that handled, found out what the problem was (nothing to do with HnS) and everything back to working order, plus I learned something.