Stuck in startup loop - Windows 7/Mac OS X


I have a iMac which I've partitioned. I'm currently stuck in the Windows side, so I installed BCD and set OS X as my default boot.

Now when I start up, this happens:

Given a choice of system - I select Mac.

It says loading Windows NTFS - I press F8.

Given second choice of system - I choose Mac.

Then I'm taken back to the first menu and the whole process starts again. The only way out of the loop is to choose Windows.

Unfortunately the link for Mac troubleshooting doesn't work, so I can't tell if I've set something up incorrectly.

Would greatly appreciate any help!

Mak 2.0

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You need Boot Camp in order to dual boot properly from a Mac. Everything you need they provide for you via the Apple software. EasyBCD is for a PC that runs a developmental version of OS X, it is not intended for use on a Mac.
I am having an almost identical problem, but on a PC. I have a Dell Mini 10v, and I have verified that it is bootable in both Win7 and OSX (I verified this by booting off a USB bootloader, and choosing them separately). When I turn on the machine, it gives me the choice....if I hit OSX, it acts like it's going to go there. I get the apple/chameleon screen....then the screen goes white for a few mins, and then takes me back to the bootloader screen. It never launches. So my only option to boot is to use Win7. Anyone have any ideas?


Mostly Harmless
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If it's launching Chameleon, EasyBCD has done its job. You may need additional configuration/setup for Chameleon to work properly. We don't provide help with that.