Stuck with MBR showing unbootable partition options

Hello everyone. I seem to have gotten myself into a problem by accident.

I have a Win 7 netbook where I am trying to get Mac to run and whilst editing the MBR to include the Mac partition as boot option, I have accidentally deleted the original Win 7 partition from the list. As a result I can now only select to boot onto the Mac partition and given that this one is not working, I cannot do anything on the machine.
This netbook came with Win 7 installation preloaded, but this has been removed from the second partition on the disk where it used to live, so no chance to restore from there.
Is there anyway I could simply run a tool from a USB or something that would enable me to repair the MBR entries so that I relist the Win 7 partition on the boot menu?

Thank you in advance for any tips!

P.S.- BTW, at the moment I do not have any Windows computer running nearby, so I can only really work within Mac.

Mak 2.0

Staff member
No there is nothing you can do to restore the partition as it was and have the machine work again. You will have to re-partition the drive, format it and install Windows fresh.
Managed to find a repair disk I had created quite some time ago and by using it it automatically detected the invalid entry on the MBR and corrected it. The system now boots and runs as normal. Thanks!