Stumped! Attempt to clone bad Hard Drive...BCD fails on cloned drive

Error: \boot\BCD
Status 0xc0000098
The windows boot configuration data file does not contain a valid OS entry.

I am attempting to clone a drive that is going bad but still works fine.

I have cloned C drive to H drive (there are other partitions but it's not relevant to this):

C:drive 405gb
H:drive 405gb

Where both partitions are at the beginning of their respective drives. The original C drive has increasing errors at around 80%.

I have tried multiple times with the 1st drive unplugged and plugged in. Nothing seems to get a valid entry.

I cannot run Windows setup / Repair it just takes me to a blank screen. I am wondering if that is a symptom of something?

Any ideas?
I'm out of ideas to try....

Windows 7 64bit

p.s. I added EasyBCD after the clone operation. I have installed it to the other drive and confirmed it's there but not able to boot from it...
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