Stupidest of Mistakes and Coincidences.


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
I was getting ready to make a post about our new server's success (30 days, no downtime), and was reconfiguring my server when my network card blew.

As luck would have it, I didn't get a chance to restart the server before I was forced offline, hence the downtime.

Sorry guys :frowning:
Dont feel bad. We all have made mistakes jsut like that. I have done it a few tiems myself with my sever. I aint afraid to admit it. We are only human. :wink:
Well, the new max users online is definitely a consolation: now I know I didn't just fry all of neosmart's usernbase :smile:
Just feel pretty stupid after that :frowning:

Oh come on, you didn't lose a single KB :smile:

And what can I say, I who formated wrong partition about 4 months ago, it was most important partition in my life... and I formated wrong partition and installed linux on it OMG that was a day, and I had all my photos and music on that partition, and most important .max files, BUT lucky I had backup for my 2 years work in .max... :smile: lucky. However, I've lost about 3GB of my private photos. So, one WRONG click and your life changes :frowning:
Oh, really? :evil: Not very cool.

And I saw what I've done hours later, after I boot into Windows and start wondering "Where is *Data (E: )* partition?!?!?!:glare:" And then I see... :S OMG! :wtf: damn.. damn.. damn... :shame: