Successful tri-boot with one small issue


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I have successfully added a Windows 7 partition to my existing XP/Vista drive.
My boot menu shows 4 entries however.

1. Vista (my default)
2. XP
3. Windows 7
4. Earlier Version of Windows

Number 4 happens to boot into XP, the original OS on this single drive laptop. What I'd like to do of course, is remove #4 and be left with the first three boot options.

Thank you, Scott



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Hi Scott, welcome to NST
Download yourself a copy of EasyBCD.
Select "add/remove entries"
select the spurious entry and hit the delete button
then remember to hit the save button when you're happy that only the entries you want still remain.


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How easy was that? :smile:
Thank you very much Terry, mission accomplished.
Over and out, Shirley this will be the easiest query of the day.