Sucessful but still no Windows 7


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I downloaded the Recovery CD, used it, and got a message that my repair was successful. Then I switched my boot order back to internal HDD and restarted my PC. I get the Dell screen and then it goes blank--no load of Windows 7. Then I went back to the Recovery CD, chose recover to a back up, it found a Windows backup dated July 28 and said it was successful. Same result when I restarted by PC--I see a Dell screen but then nothing. I'm at a loss what to do from here. Second question--I tried to copy some key files using the recovery process, using a click and drag (flash drive) but they are not being copied. Am I missing something here? BTW, I started all of this because Windows would not load and it gave me an error 0x490. Google searches all said use a repair disk so that is why I came here. Now I don't even get that error because I never even get past that first Dell screen.