Suddenly Unable to Boot Vista on Sony vgnsz650


:scared: I read through the forum and made a Vista Recovery disc. My problem is that I am unable to get the computer to boot from the CD drive. When I boot and hit F8 and tab to Safe Mode, the system starts loading files but hangs after loading
There was no luck using Last Known Good Configuration. I also tried Safe Mode with Networking and Safe Mode with Command Prompt (hung same place with each)
Nor did the Debugging mode help me. I also tried to Disable Driver Signature Enforcement with out any luck. I have a basic understanding of computers, can use some basic DOS commands, etc and would appreciate any assistance on how to get to a point where I can ask the computer to boot from a CD vs the harddrive. If I try to boot normally either from F8 or without interrupting the Windows boot, I get the 6 little alternating squares that occur when Windows is booting normally only the screen never progresses. Thanks for your help
Hello SS, welcome to NST.
You need to reboot, and press the key you see (if only briefly) on the first splash screen at startup of your computer. On mine the key is F2, but yours may be different. Once you're in the BIOS, find the page that says "Boot Sequence", "Boot Order", or something similar, and you will be able to put the CD drive entry first in the boot order, so you will be able to boot from the CD. :smile: Just make sure to save the changes to the BIOS as you exit it, or it wont work...