Suggestions for the next update of EasyBCD after 2.3


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Are there any plans to release an updated version of EasyBCD in the future?

If so, here are my suggestions:

1. View Settings > Display Mode window: It would be nice for the software to remember the size of this window. Each time I open it, I have to resize it in order to see all of the items on the Detailed window.
2. Edit Boot Menu window: I would be nice to have an indication in the lower message area that alerts the user to the fact that they have pending changes to save, if they make any changes. Also, there is a very long delay between the time you press Save Setting and you see a saved message. If one is not watching the screen closely that notification could very easily be missed and wonder if it did anything or not. It would be helpful to see a "Saving ...." message until the saved message is posted. Then leave the saved message on the screen until other changes are made.
3. Advanced Settings > Advanced tab: Would to prefer to be able to just make just of these items change, without all three being inserted into the BCD. Also, this screen needs the changes in #2 above.
4. Having used bcdedit prior to finding EasyBCD, I have found myself hesitant to use the BCDbackup/repair functions, since I am unsure exactly what bcdedit commands are being issued. I have read the documentation, but it didn't seem to clearly lay out what changes are being made. My suggestion is for EasyBCD to create a log file for everything it does. That way the user could determine what commands are being used.
5. In reading the documentation, I have found a possible solution only to get to the bottom of the section and find that it does not apply to UEFI boots. My suggestion it to more clearly indicate what solutions apply to a particular type of boot, MBR or UEFI.


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1) EasyBCD > Tools > Options > Display Options > Save EasyBCD window size on exit.
5) Functions not available to UEFI PCs are "greyed" and not active in EasyBCD when it detects it's running in that environment.