Hello i got Toshiba satalite Laptop originaly came with VISTA, and i installed SUSE 10.3 on it.

Every thing for the SUSE is great i got also a boot loader , but when i try to go back into vista it is hunging on /drivers/CRCDISK.dll , i searched and i found that i have to do repair from VISTA DVD. i tried but also starting the DVD hung on /drivers/DISK.dll so i tried to do repair from HDD recovery partition but also unluckly because the boot loader with SUSE is skipping it and not making me able to run it. So i am stuck with SUSE working but not the VISTA, is there a way i can install EASYBCD from SUSE so that i can fix the VISTA, i backed up my data so a fresh new install is also welcomed for me.

Any help pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :grinning:

Sadly EasyBCD runs only in Windows. Vista is the preferred OS. XP it can run on but it is not recommended at all. So you might have to check your BIOS and make sure it has the setup to check for CD/DVD drives before your HDD. If it does then you will have to wait for Guru to answer as he is much better at Boot problems than me. :grinning:
Running this from SUSE will format your entire hard drive and lose all data but should fix the problem:
su -
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda count=1 bs=512

Make sure you replace /dev/sda with the label for your hard drive.

Only run this if you really do have everything backed up.
Thanks for the hint,

does this also format the recovery partition and all other partition , sorry i am still new to linux.

If yes is there a way to keep my recovery partition or to boot from it and let it delete all other data.

Thanks for your help
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you'll have to contact your computer manufacturer and ask them how to boot into that partition and initiate recovery.

If you carry out that instruction, all data on that drive in nparticular will be wiped. If you recovery partition is on the same drive, it'll be deleted too.
i unable to get help from Toshiba, i am going to install windows XP on a new partition and from it fix the vista using EasyBSD is that a good way of thinking.
Hello i couldnt find the DVD for download u r talking about, the link you gave me is talking about booting from vista DVD , my problem is that i can't boot from it is hunging on CRCDISK.SYS even to a command prompt it is not working.

i thinking am in installing windows xp is just to get a command prompt or be able to install EASYBCD. by the way while googling i found that there is live windows xp, bootable directly from the CD whould that help !!!!

Another issue is i try on holding the zero and start the toshiba it is not starting the recovery and what prevent me from formating the HD is that i don't want to loose the recovery partition.

Thanks for help.
Okay the link i the box that says "STOP are you running a HP or Dell" in that box at the bottom there is a link to the Vista recovery DVD. You dont need to worry about anything with this DVD. As it doesnt try to isntall any files or anything. It just loads up the recovery options.

The XP Live CD you are talking about is the WindowsPE CD. If you use the link just use one of these links:

Both are the same thing. Burn that to CD and boot it. That will recover your Vista install.
Hello, Thanks for help in this post.Finally it is done with vist :smile:))))))))))

Thanks for the last post but i read it now from Vista. i will try to download the recovery u told me about to keep it for later :wink: , i saw the stop for using Dell so i skipped that part when reading.

What i have done is that from SUSE i shrink the partition and made a 5 GB UNPARTITIONED , then i started from windows xp and choosed that partition and format it , then the setup says that it is checking hte harddisk and it took time like 5 min then it told me it need to restart so i clicked ok and restarted and it booted in windows vista and it worked ( i don't know how i was expecting to continue the setup) but now vista is working and the partition i wanted for XP is now empty and i can use it from VISTA , but now linux have disappeared i think i will use now EASY BSD to get it back.

THanks for all, another issue i tried to search to find a way to back up the recovery partition on DVD but i was unable any idea, and are these DVD you showed to me reinstall vista from this partition.No backup in Toshiba Utilities



Hello i just wan to tell you i installed EasyBCD and now Vista and SUSE are working but i got two boot loader, first of all i got the EasyBCD menu if i choosed SUSE (which i created) i got SUSE menu and then choose linux . Every thing is working.

But is there a way i can have only one menu :brows:
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