SUSE Or Mandriva? Both Cant Be The Easiest!


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Thanks for the reply and suggestions CG. Talking with freinds and "IT guys" they have suggested Mandrake (Mandriva samething right?) and some like yourself have suggested SUSE. as you already know im not the sharpest tool in the computer shed so i dont want a program that works around command lines, i need something more similar to windows and ofcourse all the eyecandy--which was what attracted me to Vista--. I read your Blog "Beatig a Dead Horse" very interesting; another reason for me to heavily look into Linux so as far as getting installed and partitioned... would like to run XP SP2 MCE and some type of Linux i understand that Mandriva comes with a partition application and is very easy to use while doing the install, is this correct? :huh:
Hey Alejo.

SUSE, Fedora, and Mandrake are all excellent with no need to use the command prompt, but to varying extents.

Mandriva (as it is now called) is probably the easiest, but at a cost: it is slow, big, and ugly.
SUSE is in the middle, and I recommend you get it. Fedora looks the best and is the easiset to use, but once in a while you have something hard that comes up and it requires a lot of hard work in the command prompt - so I'd say stick to SUSE for now :smile:

All three come with partitioning tools.

Remember to install your operating systems in this order, (you can skip, but not reorder):

Windows 98 => Windows 2000 => Windows XP/2k3 => Windows Vista => Linux
interesting... the order of install why is that?
if the answer is too in depth i understand.... all this stuff is so freaking cool, my wife says im turnig into a geek!! is that bad?!!
No! Geek is GOOD! Explain to her how cool it is to know all this.

The answer is in-depth, if you want the dirty details let me know and when I have time later today I'll see what I can do.

But in brief, Windows 2000 doesn't recognize Windows XP or it's version of the bootloader. So when you come and install it, it looks at the place on your hard drive where the bootloader is kept, doesn't see anything it can upgrade, and overwrites it - you can no longer boot XP.

Same with Vista then XP: XP doesn't recognize Vista - no more Vista.

The only OS that recognizes every other one is a Linux distro that ships with GRUB (all but Mandriva do - another reason NOT to use it!) - and as such Linux *must* be the very last one to install.

Make sense?

absolutely. you cant make something to understand something else that has not been made yet! "XP to know Vista"

and yes if you do have time great but if you can point me to somewhere to go that i would also be greatfull.
...and no amount of explaining will convince her she thinks this stuff is dumb, a calculator is she needs :grinning:
ach, my friend, unfortunately us geeks always have and always will be a misunderstood race.
If it wasn't for us, the world wouldn't spin straight and the oceans would have drained a long time ago. It's the sacrifice you have to make for the greater good :tongueout:
i just went the ubuntu site (both actualy .org and .com) i was surprised to see the screenshots. i have always been under the impression that linux was more... lets say utilitarian. i like it!