Switching back to Vista from Ubuntu 8.10


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Hi guys! Hope you can help me.

My Toshiba Satellite A135 with Vista Home Premium pre-installed crashed a few months ago. Out of curiosity, I tried Ubuntu to see if it works fine for me.

Now, with a Vista Home Premium disc in hand, I would like to install Vista back to my puter. But it turns out because my puter is running Linux, it doesn't boot from my Vista disc. I tried a few suggestions found from other forums but to no avail.

Can anyone please help guide me through this transition? I have all my personal file stored else where already. I gather (probably incorrectly) I have to do the following:

1. erase Ubuntu
2. install some OS that Vista can boot from
3. let the Vista installation disc take over

All suggestions are welcome! :tongueout:
Hello saileunglau, welcome to NST

How dare those MS people not allowing you to install inside of linux lol

Anyway, the truth is, you should be able to actually boot from the Vista disc as you did from the Ubuntu disc you created to install Ubuntu. This is as simple as making sure cd-rom drive is at the top of boot sequence in the BIOS or selecting it from the boot device menu if your systems got one. When it says "press any key to boot from cd/dvd" you need to do so though or the computer well go on to the next boot device (probably your hard drive).
It's the BIOS that initiates the boot, and it will never get as far as Linux or Windows before booting from the CD as long as you have CD before HDD in the boot sequence.
So do as Justin says and make sure your BIOS is set up correctly before you power up with the DVD in the tray.
The 1st splash screen you see as you switch on should contain instructions on how to access the BIOS setup (possibly "del" or one of the Function keys)
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It is possible to install Windows inside a virtual machine on your Linux partition. Use a program like VirtualBox to run your virtual installation of Windows inside Ubuntu. Its much easier than partitioning and getting rid of Ubuntu if you're not used to the process.

Give Ubuntu a little more time for learning about it, and you should soon it is far better than Vista. :brows: Personally, I think Vista is probably the worst OS on the planet, but that's just me...

But yeah, give Ubuntu some time to learn it before you get rid of it (they have good support forums where you get help with practically any problem you experience), and run Windows inside a virtual machine, and you'll probably spend a much happier time on the computer.