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i ve followed these instruction to install fedora after vista and added fedora to the bootloader which worked fine , after that i used norton ghost to make an image for my entire hard drive for backup reasons , after that i ve resotred the image into the hard drive , then i rebooted the system , tried to pick fedora from the boot menu , and it didnt work , it took me to grub> command line

could some one please help me with that ,was the bootloader messed up after restoring the image on the hard drive

thank you
Have you tried deleting the old entry and adding it again?

We don't recommend Norton Ghost for anything, it has too many problems and does not correctly back up bootloaders and partition tables.
In case you didn't allready tried this, use the -ib switch with the Ghost executable to include MBR info when creating an image. It should also work with the -ia switch, wich forces a sector-by-sector copy or image. It produces a HUGE file (because empty hard disk space is also included), but the option is still there if you have no other choice.
Description of the -ib switch

Image Boot : also copies the entire boot track, including the boot sector, when creating a disk image file or copying disk to disk. Use when installed appilcations such as boot-time utilities use the boot track to store information. "-ib"

Worked for me a couple of times. Nevertheless, don't be surprised if you encounter problems with anything that's not a cookie-cutter configuration or a standard MS filesystem.

Good luck ~