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To Ex-Brit:

is your provider Sympatico or to any Sympatico users

(for those who don't know Sympatico is part of MSN)

Problem: Vista - On Tuesday Dec 9th MS sent out updates for Vista and Defender which I updated.

That is when the problem started with my email. Seems that some of my User ID and PW were being deleted from my accounts in Windows Mail. Soooo had to go in and re-add them and worked fine until shutdown or reboot, then the prob would appear again.

On Wednesday Dec 10th more updates which seemed to solve the problem. Then Yesterday Dec 12th more updates which seemed to make the problem worse. At first all User id's and PW were deleted. Re added them and now they are staying BUT not getting any email as everytime Windows Mail scans for email it is looking for ID and PW. Haven't been able to get any email since yesterday afternoon.

Now for XP: similar updates (no defender) and similar email problems with Outlook Express.

So seems can't get any email in either Vista or XP

However thought it might be a coinsidence (sp) with possibly Sympatico email being down.

At this point I don't know if it is down or not. I can't get through to Sympatico Tech help as they are overloaded with people calling in. Either I get a busy signal, or it rings and then goes to busy signal.

Was just wonder if any other Sympatico users are having the same prob. or should I be looking for something else.

Have tried many things, (checking firewall, defender and AV settings) but so far nothing. Currently running Spyware programs, and then will run an AV prog.

So far nothing has come up. Will update after running through everything.
Since when did Microsoft release that many updates out of cycle? Microsoft only releases updates the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Unless it is critical like the DNS flaw. I have not known M$ to release updates for issues with email software out of cycle...

unless it was symaptico?!?
Thx for the replies guys.

This is getting really frustrating.

Yes they offer the option to get your email through a browser. BUT typical for Sympatico/MSN they make it difficult to find and difficult to get in. So at this point haven't bothered trying that yet. I was expecting an important email yesterday, but managed to get hold of the person who sent it through my web-based email account and it was resent there. The rest of the emails can wait till I get this resolved.

I tried everything. Resetting my email account ID's and PW's again and again and again :angry:

Checked my Firewall, even to the point of uninstalling and reinstalling it. Checked my AV software (Avast), and ran it, ran AVG, and Spybot Antispyware. Checked out Windows defender in Vista, you name it, I ran it.

AND still can't get through to Sympatico.

I've even tried retyping in my ID and PW again when the message pops up to provide them when running Windows Mail, and still nothing.

This is just one more agrivation (SP) that I've been having with Sympatico over the past 6 mths. My contract with them is up next month and I'm seriously looking to change.

However, still not sure at this point if it is Sympatico, or MS, but since Sympatico/MSN is my internet provider (for now) I will have to deal with them. Due to the high volume of phone calls they are getting I'm assuming I'm not the only one experiencing this problem.

BTW Sympatico/MSN is Canada's largest Internet provider.


Finally fixed and yes it was Sympatico.

Seems they changed email servers and all settings ID's and PW had to be changed. Seems they also expired all previoius PW's. BUT Sympatico never informed its customers about it.

So after spending over an hour on the phone, changing settings, ID's and PW's, trying to see if it worked, changing settings again and again and then having to go into XP to change the settings there as well, I finally have my email back again.

I'm a happy camper.

Even if I had tried to access my email through my browser, it wouldn't have worked since all ID's and PW's were changed and expired.
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