Syslinux bootloader support?


Please consider adding support for the EXTLINUX boot loader in EasyBCD.

From the Syslinux project web page:

The Syslinux Project covers lightweight bootloaders for MS-DOS FAT filesystems (SYSLINUX), network booting (PXELINUX), bootable "El Torito" CD-ROMs (ISOLINUX), and Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 or btrfs filesystems (EXTLINUX).
Hi ermo, welcome to NST.

I'll look into the EXTLINUX project for the next version of EasyBCD :smile:
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From his post, it would seem that there really isn't much that needs to be done in EasyBCD. I'd just have to clone the LiLO option, and change the name :smile:

The warning Peter adds about the separate BCD partition is no longer needed with EasyBCD 2.0, which takes care of all such issues automagically.
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from #syslinux said:
<ermo> hpa: The author of EasyBCD has responded that he'll look at syslinux support for the next release. I pointed him to Windows BCD - Syslinux Wiki so we'll see how it pans out, I guess :smile:
<hpa> ermo: Please tell him to feel free to email me for discussions, too

You can reach Peter at
"hpa at zytor dot com".
Cheers! :happy:
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I added Syslinux option to Windows 7 Boot Menu on 1st NTFS HD partition, using current NeoGrub, but Syslinux doesn't boot from the 2nd FAT32 partition, giving error: "Remove disks or other media. Press any key to restart". Does NeoGrub add any files to the partition selected to boot Syslinux from or a host boot partition? Why it doesn't add a default (even empty is better than none) syslinux.cfg file?
Well, since EasyBCD targets novices, its not the best approach IMHO. May I suggest to use Chainload syslinux from grub4dos info and method to add required Syslinux files to a target FAT32 drive... EasyBCD should add a default Syslinux.cfg and vesamenu.c32 with other Syslinux files, and .cfg can later be edited by a user (similar to editing NeoGrub Menu) to avoid novice users facing BSOD at starting Syslinux. A sample of the default Syslinux.cfg is given at the end of that Tutorial.