System backup on bootable recovery partition

I'm new and looking for help with a problem. I'm trying to create a system backup of my windows 10 machine and save it onto a partition on the hard drive. A recovery partition with a system backup which can be booted (from boot manager) and restored in case my system fails with virus etc... or I just want t fresh clean install again. if you guys know AOMEI OneKey. I'm looking to do exactly that. But don't want to use OneKey as I've had problems with it plus you have to install it. There's many tools to create a system backup onto external media which is great but I none I've seen which will allow a recovery partition to be created and then allow a user to select it on bootup (from a boot manager) and restore you system
I'm a tool like easy BDC might help so I'm looking for ideas on how to solve my problem. Thanks in advance.