System cannot find specified path. Services STOPPED. Can't access CP, Print, Restore!

(Vista Home Premium)

I can't access my Control Panel. I can't Print. Print Spooler is off. Can't access Restore. Restore is off.

I have a ton of Services STOPPED that I can't seem to restart.

Everything says 'System cannot find specified path' when I try to turn it on.

PLEASE HELP! :smile: ...Been battling this for days!

Here's a screenshot of all my stopped services, which can't be turned on...


Don't know what to do next...
I had an issue with the control panel myself a while back where it flashed and closed. Among this, various other system components didn't function properly. I downloaded a hotfix from Microsoft and it took care of the problem. If you don't have Vista SP1 i'd apply that first and than see if its working again cause this hotfix was released prior to SP1.

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Any recent software installations/updates that could be to blame here? Try a system restore point back to a time before the problem started occuring. It might be time for a re-install/virus scan if you haven't done it in awhile.