System Recovery killed my PC


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I own a Compaq Presario SR513WM desktop computer with Vista & 2GB RAM. It had been freezing up and recently caught a virus, so I decided to use the System Recovery disks I'd purchased from Compaq. The recovery process works just fine, and at the end of the process the computer reboots. That's where the problem shows up. The computer displays the Compaq splash screen and then just goes to a black screen with a flashing cursor in the top left corner. I can go into Setup and the Boot menu, but no changes I make there seem to have any effect. Hitting the F8 key during startup has no effect either. Any ideas?
No indication whatsoever that the proccess is still taking place? It may be normal part of their recovery proccess. YOu could try again and see if its doing the same thing. At such an early point where Windows is being put back on I'm not so sure startup repair well work. You might need to contact Compaq. Maybe the discs are bad?
I am also having this problem. I have a Gateway M-7315u Notebook. On start up , i see Gateway for about 2-3 seconds then screen goes black with the cursor in top left hand corner, just started college and need help, RAISING SIX GIRLS, so i dont have the money to pay any one