system recovery options bombs with error


booted with windows vista 32-bit repair disk. did as prompted i.e. selected an operating system to repair and clicked next. it bombs with error but says "only windows vista os are listed and can be repaired"

error: this version of system recovery options is not compatible with the version of windows you are trying to repair. try using a recovery disk that is compatible with tihs version of windows.

i really need this to work (at least get in the door to have a fighting chance)!
i assumed the hp hdx16 is 32bit

its not my machine and it'd be embarrassing if it was yet nothing else adds up. i was so sure the hp hdx16 was 32bit that i didnt bother to verify. i'll check as soon as clamwin is done i.e. in the am. if so i hope i can do an "exchange" if it wont work on my only other machine 32bit win7. dang.
No it will only work with Windows Vista 32 Bit. This is why there is a different version for each Operating System. They are specific to that OS and only work for that OS. They are not interchangable.
If you got the wrong version (64 v 32) you can get an exchange by replying to the purchase email.