System Recovery Options Dialogue Keeps Loading?


Hi everyone, my Win 7 crashed this morning and I am really grateful that I stumbled upon this page.
I am now trying to recover using the disc. Is it normal for the System Recovery Options to load for a long time? The cursor's been loading for around 30 minutes now, Windows 7 under System Recovery is already highlighted but I haven't been able to click Next because of the loading cursor.
Any ideas?
Shouldn't be taking that long. Try booting from disc again. What error message are you getting, how far is Windows booting before it crashes, etc?
It's a HP Pavilion dv6 laptop, I left it on sleep mode overnight, opened it up this morning and it gave me black screen and wouldn't respond to anything so I tried to restart it.
Everytime I turn the power on it will give me the bios screen, then nothing at all. I can access the bios setup. Tried to use safe mode, but it didn't seem to work (still giving me blank screen)
I've tried booting from the disc several times now, but everytime I get to the dialogue the cursor still keeps loading again. :s