system recovery

I have an e725,2.2 dualcore processor
window 7 came on the laptop

I downloaded the disk from your site....'

have to hit ctrl alt delete to continue.

But my operating system does not show up.

when i go to use the system recovery disk it gives me 3 options

use recovery tool that can help fix problem starting windows select operating system to repair ....(.cant use this one....operating system does not show up)


restore computer to earlire system image....(cant use this one didnt make one)


if your system isn't listed click load drivers then install drivers on your hard disks...(.i can get into a sub menu to get drivers.....there are hundreds of folders...where are the drivers located)

are there actually drivers...or this a fake option...not matter which forum or where i ask on this problem,no one says anything about the drivers, they all say restore or use recovery tool.

I CANT, no operating system shows up.

cant boot to safe mode...well ican get safe mode to show up,but it just ends up taking me to the system recovery menu anyway


If you have multiple HDDS, temporarily remove all but the one with W7 on it.
(Remove and replace the W7 one too, a few times, to clean up the contacts)
Then try booting the repair disc again.
If it still doesn't see your W7, don't go to the "drivers" page, just click next without selecting anything.
Sometimes that will complete the first repair and your W7 will reappear.
Carry on, boot the CD again and do the repair another two times (there are possibly several things to repair and it only does them one per pass)
i have abolutely no idea what you said...sorry

when i use the cd, it goes to the recovery menu

no operating syetem shows up so I cant restore,
never made a back up i can do that one
it says to load drivers.....which ones??? where???

I have posted this question on many forums....NOBODY replies to any driver question.

I CAN NOT access anything to do with windows....cmd prompt says no windows file.

I know a little about computer, but by far am no expert, givin some steps i can walk my self through them, but i need the right answers....ihave no idea how many people have said to do a system restore or open control panel.....I CANT EVEN OPEN SAFE MODE.

ask questions i can answer them, but i cant get to any files on the computer.

I'm even trying to download a torrent windows's been in setup for 2 hrs


i did click "next" last night and inthe recovery tools option,it went to clicked startuprepair and was there over two hours, nothing ever happened.


just got this from the startup repair"windows could not be repaired at this time"
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Do you have more than one HDD ?
If so, did you disconnect the other one(s) before trying the repair ?
Do you have more than one HDD ?
If so, did you disconnect the other one(s) before trying the repair ?

i havent open the case yet.

again, you have to go slow with me on this one.

this is a emachines 725 laptop
western digital hdd. model number wd2500bvet-22a23t0

only shows one listed in bios, if there was 2 it would show it right