System Reserved Partition (Windows 7)


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I am trying to use MS Backup to backup my system volume. This is C: and is about 35GB used out of 110GB. On this drive there is also a System Reserved partion of 100MB which contains the bootmgr etc.

My problem is that Backup insists (not unreasonably) in backing up this partition as well as C: and it cannot do this because it is too full (it is showing as 65% full. I cannot understand this as I cannot see how this space is used even after making system files visible - however!).

If I move the boot manager to C: with EasyBCD, can I delete this partition and still boot my PC?

Did you install W7 ?
If so then yes you can "change boot drive" with easyBCD and stop using that partition.

If you bought a PC with W7 pre-installed however, it's likely that your OEM has more inside that partition than just the MS bootmgr
W7 boot files take up about 15Mb