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Now here is something that someone just asked me about. Now the purpose of this application would be to organize the System Tray the way you want it.

Say you want you Email notifications by the clock at all times. Now by default they are placed at the end.

PS Tray Factory is a good example of this system in place. But would think that we could do something better here. :wink:

Just a thought. I know that you have tons on your to do list. Just wondering if something like this could even be possible?!!?
If there's one thing I've learned from all my work here, it's that nothing is impossible.
So I guess the question is if it's feasible/worth the effort... and the only answer to that is that I'll look into it and see, my friend :smile:
You are the best Guru. I am trying to learn some C++ myself. Maybe someday i could come work for you. :tongueout:

But in all honesty the PC Tray Tool does this but why spend the money for such a simple app. You could probably reverse engineer that and see hwo they did it and make something even better.
Yeah... it would be awesome if you could remove icons you don't want in the tray as well that refuse to hide when you configure them to using the custommize notification area tool.

I want to learn C++ too... I got the tools now to do it and no excuses, so off to the books for the both of us :smile:
I use Taskbar Shuffle. It allows you to move not only system tray icons, but also the taskbar window tabs. It's lightweight, but isn't feature-ridden.
I would love to see a Neosmart approach ^^

I know C/C++, but I've never written for the Windows platform. I suppose my priority is/should be to start writing in Assembly, but it's a leap from C.
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Interesting link there, pj...

Generally it's against NST policy to spend time on an application when a decent freeware alternative exists....
Well it is decent but it doent offer that stuff that PS Tray does. It does allow you to move them around but with PS Tray you can permantly hide some icons. That is a feature that is very useful.

But if you say that it is against policy to go after a project when another one exists i understand fully. :smile:
Nah i think that between them they will work. PS Tray is nice. The freeware one is very basic but it gets the job done.