SystemDiscs download wouldn't work


I've been dealing with an issue with Vista Home Premo "bootmgr missing please hit ctl+alt+del". I haven't moved/changed partitians, done anything out of the ordinary. One day I turned on the machine and there it was. What a vicious cycle. I see system restore when I select F11. There are no other options such as 'do you want to save files first' (like other support sites say there is). Well I tried recovery and as soon as the screen said formatting, I hit the power button. The HDD is not damaged by the way. I put it in a good puter and I can see the drive as a slave and did a disk scan, it's good. It won't boot. I google the issue for days, visit forums and I learn that I am not alone. Then I find what I'm lead to believe is the answer!!!! A downloadable boot disk for Windows Vista from a place called NeoSmart Technologies. Hot Damn, I'm on the road to recovery. I navigate to the download and now they want a payment.......ok fine. I happily insert my newly burned boot disk (from a known good machine) press F10, change boot sequence, press enter and?....this is going to be great... Nothing. Bootmgr missing please press ctl+alt+del. Seriously!?! Ok, a few days later I'm no nearer a fix - yes I was all over the HP site. I return to NeoSmart Techno's web page again just in case I made a mistake or the download was incomplete, I begrudgingly pay again and carefully select the proper download for Windows Vista. Same thing. Nothing. The drives are good, the HDD is good, the machine is good. Final decision was to run format and windows recovery. That means you lose everything and you end up with factory settings. Sure runs great now.

Thanks NeoSmart Techno's. I asked for one, not both, of my purchases to be refunded through my PayPal account and was instantly denied. While my problem was not the fault of NST, the fact remains that the product doesn't work.

Pistoff and wiser...:angry:
Why didn't you post earlier ?
We could have advised you on how to save your personal data before you blitzed your PC with a factory reset.
fyi. The downloads used to be free until Microsoft promised legal action if we didn't pay them for the privilege of hosting one of their products on our site, and they do work to do what they're designed to do - fix a broken or missing bootmgr/BCD - or the million or so people who've successfully used them might have said something. (to Microsoft as well as us)
That's not to say they'll fix any broken PC, because they are not free copies of the OS in question, so missing/broken drivers etc or any problem loading the kernel subsequent to the execution of winload is not covered.
We might have been able to get you past whatever the hang-up was with a bit of Q and A and some posted info, but that's academic now.
If you don't believe me, take a look back through five years of history in the postings.
Incidentally, my Vista (it's one of 4 Windows, XP/V/7/8 in a quad boot of which 7 is the main OS), crashed irretrievably when it wasn't in use, and nothing I could do would induce it back to health till the inevitable re-install. I have never been able to figure how an unbooted OS can fail on (like yours) a 100% healthy HDD, but I spent a month on and off trying to find out and to fix it.
The magic of Vista I guess.
Sounds like the CD wasn't burned properly - it can be tricky making a bootable CD. Like Terry says, it's too bad you didn't post before formatting!

Send an email to and I'll make sure you get a refund for that second purchase.
Terry, Thank you for the reply and you're right - I wish I would have noticed this board before I freaked out and smoked 3 years of files. I did read posts here and I found others that have experienced the same thing. I know I vented, but I still maintain that the download was to fix a specific problem or at least get me in and it didn't. It's not a question of believing what you tell me, I ran into dead ends at every turn and coupled with the repair shop telling me (in so many works) "good luck", I threw in the towel.
I agree, it's immaterial at this point and I don't know if there were other forces at work from the dark side.

Guru, Thanks to you too. I downloaded twice and paid twice just in case there were errors on the first try. I saved the file then burned a new disk each time. One bad download or burn maybe, two times raises some serious doubts. I even put the file on a usb device, nothing. I truly hope I never see anything like this again.

Email sent to link above and I whole heartedly thank you for that.

.....I have recently purchased a 1.5tb external and promise to backup every week.