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i know that this is a "techno" site, but if we are all computer geeks, (or what you call yourself) why cant we be normal geeks too lol

so has anyone heard of table top games, not board games, or anything like that, model based War games!

Games Workshop PLC - Welcome! Please, choose your destination.

This is a very interesting hobby and just like computers, it is an expensive one.

i havent yet bought any models, however, i got $650 on refund from loans and such from paying for college (i already purchased $100 of books too ^_^ ) and my account has a hold on it, so i cant spend any money today, i think ill be buying some tomorrow.

there are many different models and universes to which you can play. the universe/game type i will be playing is: Warhammer 40,000

This universe is set in 40,000 and is pretty kool ^_^

This is the army that i will like to use: Warhammer 40,000 - Tau

I had wanted to use another army, however, in the game you must have limited number of models, and they have different point values, and while the first army i choose was a strong army, it has a very high point value for even the basic troop

the Tau are a cheap army and i like them too ^_^
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^ lol

thats okay

i just got back from watching the first two rambo movies, and while we were watching them we were thinking of missions with the models from the movies ^_^ lol
I have heard that they are doing a Halo series like this. At least i think they were going to before the Microsoft/Bungie split. I have seen some WoW characters like this as well. It is strange how they build these massive Online games with millions of player and communities and then they come out with a board based version.

I mean come on you already run their lives online now you want it offline as well. Sad really...
@ guru

its not really scary, you have to be a smarter person just to play, and understand basic tactics will get you by pretty far lol

why are you afraid anyways?


@ Mak

well i know that these were model-based tabletop long before they made the video games for the series, and there has only been video games for the newer of the two series in warhammer, while the older warhammer was a mid-evil style models and such...

the most you have to worry about imo would be the money to buy everything :frowning: lol

and for painting may be an issue, my hands shake :frowning: but ill get it done lol
lol - I was staring at your reply for half-an-hour trying to figure out what you were talking about, Donald.

I didn't mean "I'm afraid" to be taken literally, just an idiom.
Seems it's gone out of fashion though :lol: a google search turns up one figurative usage for every 100 literal ones: - Google Search
^ oh... im sorry my posts dont have much organization, i've made people made for how i post of forums... i just post how i think, so yeah very unorganized head i have lol

what do you think of the models though?
that's easy:
not enough money in my pocket and not enough time in my day :tongueout:

I've got an exam now, have to run!
Yeah i know they were model based long before the game series came along. I was just saying how it is amazing how these gmae compaines want your life online and off now. Totally scary.

These games wouldnt be so bad if they didnt take forever to setup let alone play. Not to mention the space requirements. Sadly being a father i barely have enough time to mess around online let alone mess with things like this...
So all my models have been made, and now about half are spray canned with the primer. im using a red primer, and although the webcam can take 1.3 megapixel images, the low lighting in my room makes the images rather dull.

here are the first two images:
This is a Devilfish Troop Transport:

while this is my CO, its a XV8 Crisis Suit, next to the devilfish:
(Note, the CO stands a tall 2 and 6/8 inches )

this is my Tank, and CO next to a single Squad of Fire Warriors:

and this is the second squad next to everyone else:

more images as i paint more ^_^
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My goodness i wish i had that kind of time. They llok great so far. Reminds me of a Star Wars movie model.
^ thank you Mak

i got some more pictures:
A Stealth Suit with Fusion Baster and Drone Controller (which is behind him on his back)
(but crap the detail on my webcam is icky)

this is the same squad in the their first picture, but now with some other colors on them ^_^
the grey headed one is the veteran leader of the squad, they are all equipped with pulse rifles this squad costs: 70 points