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toxic chicken

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so, i finally have vista installed on my tablet pc.

and it detects the tablet buttons, but they don't exactly work.

neither does the tablet pen.

any ideas on how to get it to work?

it's not really that important, but it would be good to have.
Hello toxic chicken, and Welcome to the NeoSmart Forums :grinning:

About your issue:
Have you checked the device manager and made sure all the drivers were installed?
well, i found it, and got the xp drivers from the gateway site. it tried to install it then uninstall it, so i had to end the process when it said it was halfway done. and everything works now.

so, can i use the aero effect with my video card? i have an intel mobile 945gm/910gml, with 128mb vram.

thanks, cg.
Hey, you're very welcome and I'm glad you got it working.

Start a new thread for your graphics issue, make sure to post your exact model number and driver version. :right:

Good luck!
well, we can ignore aero for now, im having a bigger problem. i get an error when i boot into xp. i'm going to try again and write down the error.

i might as well post the graphics stuff now, so..
Mobile Intel 915GM.GMS/910GML Express Chipset Family
driver date 12/5/2005
driver version
okay, heres the error.

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
<windows root>\system32\hal.dll
Please reinstall a copy of the file above
Your partitions have been reordered.
Open boot.ini and change the partition numbers around (probably from 0 to 1) and let me know if that fixes it.
Glad that worked.

If I told you that, you wouldn't need me any more would you now? :crazy:
Let's just say gray-hats pick up some things before the "professionals" at PRO and otherwise :wink:

(PS Feel free to start a topic on IIS7 if you so wish :tongueout:)
i feel so much like my avatar right now, lol.

i think ill leave it on pronet for a while before i put it on here.

so, back to the graphics card, is it even capable of running aero?
lmao - is that a bad thing? your avatar looks "interesting" to me :tongueout:


(new thread for graphics please :tongueout:oint:smile:
okay, i'll make one.

and i think your site's quick reply box hates me or something. =P

if i don't get help there by sometime tomorrow, i'll put my iis thread here. it drives me insane if i have an active thread about the same problem on more than one site at a time.
Oh, I understand how you feel perfectly.. Before I "left" them, I used to post every question I had at PRO and at Neowin, and found out PRO was useless and as such stopped posting questions there entirely... it drove me nuts to have to check several threads for the same question across the web..