take ownership on drive in vista


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is it possible to take ownership on backup drive for data eg. d:?

Can I follow this guide?
How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP

As dual booting with XP and Vista access the same d: for backup partition, however, some files require special permission to run. Can I use this way or other way to make it like both OS can constantly access all the D drive file regardless of the file has been create and update from any sources regularly?

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Hi, thx for the screenshots. However, I'm not sure whether the methods will work with whole drive instead of folders.

If can I suppose it can work but my main question is whether the file newly created by other OS to the D:, can one access the new file on the other OS without re update the permission again? cos I haven't get the chance to test yet as I haven't settled my dual boot thingy.
It can be done by the drive the same way described but you jsut right click the drive instead of a folder. There is a security tab there as well.

But you should do it AFTER you get your dual boot setup. If you re-install the OS or something on that drive you will lose permissions at that point.

Also to be noted is the fact that some files on the XP drive will still not be able to be edited by Vista. Things in your Documents fodler that you have saved on you XP Partition will not be able to be edited. Even after you force Vista to gain Ownership of the files. They still remain to XP.