TechNet/MSDN subcribers getting SP3 May 2?

Yeah. I read that as well. I can see it being on MSDN and TEchNET on the 29th. But not on any public pages. I see it released to the public with the updates in May not June. That is too long to wait.
According to McAfee's "in house" forum MSDN/Technet subscribers are getting it at the same time as the public....lots of complaining going on at Technet forums apparently.
Well that is just stupid. Why release to TechNET/MSDN after it gets released to everyone. What is the point then. By that time everyone would have gotten it. Sometimes i have to question Microsoft. These people pay good money for these subscriptions and they get it last.
Well yeah. These people pay thousands of dollars for their subscriptions and we are promised the material in advance of hte public. Now we find out that we are getting it after? So why buy a subscription? By the time we are offered it we can already have downloaded it from the public servers. Serves no purpose to renew a subscription if that is the case.
MSDN is more about getting commercial software in bulk-licensing for really cheap than it is for getting software before others do. Believe me, no companies will by canceling their MSDN subscriptions just because they didn't get SP3 or xxxx before the public did because they're still getting the better end of the deal by a long shot.
I was in reference to TechNET more than MSDN. TechNET licenses are not cheap and they get stuff like MSDN.

But again it is all subscription based. So why have a subscription if we can get it from the public first?
According to one of the MVP's who happens to also be a McAfee engineer, Technet/MSDN has had the download available since late last night.

It's available on Technet\MSDN as of late last night!

I have it installed and my computer made it through the night without crashing.


..and I'm already updated. Takes about 30 minutes only.
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I have checked the site several times i have not found it.

Here is a screenshot of my MSDN page...


That is SP3 RC1 which is the oldest one. They had 2 refreshes of RC2. So i do not know how they got it.

Frick i finally found it. Wasnt on the normal download page. Downloading now. Will isntall XP Tomorrow. then add this to my install.
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It was in the General download area. Not with the XP Downloads. I figured if they put it up that would be where it was. Nope. I had to hunt it down to find it. but i did.

Thanks for the heads up Peter.
Yes. Found it and got it all installed with a fresh new XP install...

But this is what i find interesting. Story time.

It began with me using GParted to format the XP Partition to install XP again. That goes well. XP starts to install. It seemed like it was taking longer than usual. I can usually get it installed in like 20 minutes tops. But this time it took just about 40 minutes. That is where things got curious.

From there i got XP loaded up just fine. Everything was running well. Went and installed SP3 right away. Big mistake. Let me explain. After the install of SP3 i got my NIC drivers installed since XP doesnt install them by default. Go to Windows update to get my updates. This in when things go wrong.

First i have to get the new updated Windows installed and the updated interface for WU. Okay fine. Click install. No dice. Okay. So i fiugre it is cause i didnt restart from the SP3 install. So i continue on with the some other isntalls. Sound and such things. Restart.

Right away go to WU and check for updates and try to get them installed. Still gives errors. Says updates failed and could not continue. On top of that my sound drivers did not take. Okay. So i figure something else is up. So i try my sound drivers again. Wrong. They said that they were in progress and I had to restart. Okay fine.

So i reboot again. Try the sound drivers. Same message. Says in progress need to reboot. Huh? Just did that. Okay. Try Windows update again. No go.

Turns out that you could not install any of these thigns with SP3 installed. So i had to uninstall SP3 to get my updates all 100+ of them and my sound working. Then i could go back to isntalling SP3.

To me that is kinda junky. I can not wait till the discs and apps and that come out with SP3 integrated.