Temperature & fan speed monitoring software; Is there any real need to have it?


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Good afternoon everyone,

I have heard of and even briefly looked at a few of these programs which monitor your computer's internal temperatures and fan speeds. The only program I have on my machine remotely related to such programs, is Speccy, and it only provides one temperature reading that I can see.

My question is this: Is there any real need to have such a program on my computer (aside from Speccy)?

The few such programs I looked at have user interfaces I couldn't begin to really understand! It also appears to very easily end up creating adverse problems too.

(My interest in this subject came about as a result of having read an article in another forum posted by someone who was having a problem with persistently high temperature readings (particularly his graphics card).

Thank you for your time and any advice.
Only if you are running applications that eat up your CPU/GPU such as Grid Computing (World Commmunity Grid, Seti@home et alia), or constantly play games, would I think it a wise precaution. Although there are other ways of controlling how much an application eats your machine. For instance for my Grid Computing I use TThrottle to auto-regulate how much CPU/GPU the applications use, apart from the settings in their own interfaces of course.
Very often and especially with the more recent motherboards, the maker usually has utilities available on their website that you can download for this and other purposes. You might want to check that out. I have an ASUS M/B and they have 'PC Probe' which does all that.
Thanks very much (as usual) for the enlightenment on this subject, Peter! I don't really do a lot of stuff on this machine; the temp icon in the Speccy program has always remained between 27 degrees C - 31 degrees C.
I would say that's quite cool. Mine are usually between 70 and 80 CPU and sometimes as high as 90 for my GPU, but then I have 14 different Grid Computing applications running. I have water cooling though so that's pretty normal for my system.
Well...considering all the help you provide to countless people on a daily basis, Peter...I have no doubt your computer gets a "triathalon-type" workout every day!!!