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oh :frowning: ok it said it was oh well

i still have AES!

(key == neo)
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aligator, it isnt gibberish :tongueout:

try finding a decoder for AES or download the Leet Key firefox extension and decode this:


with the key: neo


Another in AES: (the key is still neo)

Ali, AES is a private-key symmetric encryption standard. It takes some data and then modifies it so that it can only be read again if the reader has the password.
its much better encryption method then DES

AES message with the password/key as neo:

same message and password/key in DES:

AES: Advanced Encryption Standard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
DES: Data Encryption Standard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Its used mainly in security, networks and email. i did a project on it for a class last semester (which i had known about for a couple years before then)

DES is lamo compared to AES ^_^

and everything is crackable Aligator, given enough time and money and movitation.
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Not quite everything ! The "one time pad" is still uncrackable as a cypher. It can only be compromised by physical capture of the pad, but it's not a practical encryption technique for parties who cannot physically meet.
Ideal though for an agent sent into the field, who is given the one of the unique pair of pads for communication with the holder of the other.
I read David Kahn's "The Codebreakers" (all 2000+ pages) years ago, and recently found James Rusbridger's "Betrayal at Pearl Harbour", which contradicts some of Kahn's book with later info, and claims (with a lot of documented evidence) that UK knew of Japanese intentions, but that Churchill kept it quiet from the US because he wanted them in the war. He also claims that the US had all the same info and capability, but failed to put it together because, unlike the highly integrated British system, they were split by army/navy and inter-agency rivalry and hostility; and that evidence of their culpability has been systematically expunged from the records (but not successfully enough).
Cryptanalysis, because of its strong ties with world politics and history, makes fascinating reading.
Any of you with an interest might like to know that Kahn also contains the full uncracked cypher for a legendary unfound hoard of treasure somewhere near Roanoak Virginia. Do you want to be seriously rich ?
Hmmmm... I'd assume modern super-computers should be able to unravel that particular mystery without too much trouble?
The problem in the Roanoak case is finding the key. It's a bit like the one-time pad, in that the document is half decrypted, using a particular book as the encryption key, but the same book doesn't work for the second half of the message.
What people have been trying to do for centuries, is find what book or document was used as the key for the second half. (Of course, it could always be that the writer was perpetrating a joke on future generations of treasure hunters, and the second half is just jibberish. "the location of the fabulous hoard of gold and jewels, we hid near Roanoak in the state of Virginia, buried under a bush which you can find by nkauh ln flk lalkl. kauyuyrel., jf;; hjsgujkfkjy kfhperty.zgi jlkkd kk ckka kljk j" or then again - It might just be there !)