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Thank you for the Easy Recovery Essentials program. The EasyRE windows 10 boot repair boot disk was very useful in moving windows 10 and boot manager from my two hard drives to my new SSD.

My boot manager was on one hard drive and windows 10 was on a second hard drive. Using a partition manager, I copied the partition with the boot manager and the other partition with windows 10 OS to my SSD (and also copied the OEM partition to the SSD). I unplugged the power cables to my two hard drives and booted to the EasyRE windows 10 boot repair disk, and clicked on automated repair, and viola! on reboot my SSD booted straight up into windows 10 with no problems.

So thank you! (I subsequently deleted the unnecessary partition that had contained the boot manager, extended the OS partition, and ran chkdsk /f c: etc :smile:


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Glad the software could help, good luck :smile: