Thanks Computer Guru


I read about EasyBCD on another site...and read THEIR directions....

I already had Vista64 working....I created primary partition for XP, named it K drive. After the install, Vista disappeared. I followed their instructions, which did not include going to Boot Manager to restore the Vista MBR.

So I added my XP Entry..clicked Save...and rebooted to "BOOTMGR is missing, CTRL-ALT-DEL". I used the Vista to try to restore, but it renamed Vista drive to K. I managed to get in, it thought it was K, but Disk Mgr said it was on C.

I found your instructions link on another thread,
Installing XP After Vista - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

I restored the Vista MBR, added the entry and tada.....Dual Boot. So thanks.

One thing that would be nice, that I haven't a there a way to do a countdown to a default?
Hey SgtDoodie, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

The countdown to a default is already there, in EasyBCD's "Change Settings" page.
From there you can set the countdown time limit (Bootloader Timeout) and the default entry for when the countdown runs out.
Ok. I goofed..I think.

Everything was working fine, until I installed SP2 (my XP copy is old). I installed SP2 and after it asked for a reboot, I went back to Vista and changed the time default from 30 sec, to 15.

When I tried to go back to balked. It said I had to repair XP because there was a problem with \NTLDR.

Is this recoverable, or should I just wipe XP and start over...(I hadn't loaded much..just drivers).

It was NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM were missing and not in the root directory. Once I added the zip files you have download, XP booted back up.
Glad to hear it.

And if I haven't totally forgotten my Spanish classes from 2nd grade, de nada.