Thanks for a great utility plus question

So I was using YUMI to create a multi-boot flash drive and it did the job mostly, but the Windows repair disk just didn't work quite right. It gets confused booting from an ISO and thinks there's something wrong with the root drive's boot files though they're fine. To get it to work right Windows Repair has to boot from the winre.wim (or boot.wim) file using the Windows bootloader. I was very happy to find that EasyBCD can do a mix of iso and wim boot media. The media on my flash drive happily works without issue and the menu looks like this now;

Windows Repair (winre.wim)
Linux (iso)
MemTest (iso)
Data Lifeguard (iso)

I did have some trouble getting a handle on how EasyBCD writes to the drive(s). I find it odd the way it writes only upon closing the app and without prompts to save yourself from ruin. I trashed the MBR on my root drive because of that and had to do a boot repair with the Windows Repair disk. Why is there not a prompt asking for approval before EasyBCD can write to the disk? Better would be a button that provides writes on command with no writes otherwise. Confusing the way it works, pretty much makes it easy as possible to trash your root drive.

Other than that I;'m really happy with this utility and want to thank the developers. It's great to have one drive for everything instead of a pile of them ending up all over my desk, saves some money too.