The boot configuration data store could not be opened.


I need to replace a SATA hard drive in my laptop.

I installed the new drive, I booted from a BartPE CD, partitioned the drive same as the old drive (C: primary, D: and E:smile: and used 2 different programs to restore backup images. In both cases Windows XP64 fails to boot from the new drive (even though these images worked in the old drive). I get a blank screen with a blinking cursor at the top left.

The Western Digital people suggested it's a boot loader problem. So I downloaded EasyBCD 2.0.2 and tried it on the old drive and got the above error. Since I don't have multi-booting, my system goes directly to C: to boot Windows.

So my questions are:

1. Any idea why the system won't boot? Is it a boot loader problem?
2. Suggestions for fixing the problem.
3. If EasyBCD could help, how can I make it work? Is there a BertPE (XP32) plugin for it?

Thanks for responding.

I don't think I have the problem described in the source you referred me.

I think my drive is missing the MBR. If I understand it correctly, the MBR is created during XP installation. The question is what happens when a backup image of the C: partition is restored. If the image includes the MBR, then there should be no problem if drive letters remain the same. However, if that's not the case, then a drive on which XP has not been installed is missing the MBR. This may be my problem.

I want to avoid intalling XP just to create the MBR. Besides, XP does not recognize SATA drives, so I would have to install them from diskette, which I don't have; otherwise I would have to create a XP install CD with the drivers on it, a hassle which I also want to avoid.

So the question is how can I add a MBR to the drive without installing XP. Is it possible?
As I explained, that requires a XP install disc and it does not recognize sata drives. I would have to create a XP CD with the sata drivers, which is a hassle.

What I need is to add the MBR without XP install disk.

I am checking out now MBR Wiz plugin for BartPE -- if it works, I'm done. If not, I'll come back.

Are you restoring an IDE mage to a new SATA drive, or replacing one SATA with a newer ?
If the former, then the image won't have the correct drivers even if you get past the MBR.
If the latter, that would imply that your XP CD contains SATA drivers, in which case you can use it for what you want.
SATA support wasn't originally included with XP, but it was added in a Service Pack. I've always assumed it was SP2 (my dad's XP is SP-less, mine is SP2), but have recently been informed it was included in SP1, so if your CD mentions any SP on the label, it should be OK.

Yes, I am aware that XP install disc does not support SATA. That's why I have a customized slipstreamed XP install disc that includes the SATA drivers.

However, I did not want to go thru the XP install just to create a MBR. Unfortunately, MBR Wiz's Restore MBR from file did not work, so I had no choice and went thru the XP install then restored the backup image and now I'm OK.

But it would be nice if there is a way around the XP install for the future.
You didn't need to reinstall. Just boot the disc, enter the recovery console and run the FIXMBR.