The boot configuration store could not be opened


I'm working with EasyBCD for several years to full satisfaction, but now I have made a move that EasyBCD can't cope with. I have it installed in two different windows 7 i.e. x86 and x64 on two different Raid 0 arrays (x64 on a SSD raid 0 and x86 on a HDD raid 0). Ubuntu 11.04 also installed on the striping HDD's provides the bootloader. Recently I wanted to install Ubuntu on the striping SSD's but to my surprise Gparted does not recognize fake raid 0 on SSD's contrary to the fake raid 0 on HDD's. Fedora15x64 however does a better job in this respect by detecting the SSD raid 0. So I changed the boot sequence in the bios from HDD raid 0 to SSD raid 0 and installed Fedora on the SSD raid 0. I modified the grub menu.lst by adding entries for w7x64, w7x86 and Ubuntu11.04 in order to boot straight into all the OS's. Now I also wanted to modify the windows bootloaders because both contain entries for x64 and x86.
EasyBCD now opens with the message: The boot configuration store could not be opened and : Would you like to manually load BCD registry for EasyBCD to manage.
If I change the boot sequence in the bios back from SSD raid 0 to HDD raid 0 then EasyBCD behaves normal.
Where do I have to look for the BCD registry? Apparently I have to swap between the windows distros.
It's located in the path \BOOT\BCD on the active partition of the boot drive. This partition may or may not be hidden by default on your system.

You'll need to enable the viewing of both hidden AND system files to see this path after assigning this partition a drive letter.
Thanks Mahmoud,
I have access again to EasyBCD by following your advice, but only once. When I restart the program I have to manually select the BCD file again and again. If I try to load the system BCD I get the old error message. If I select a BCD store the choice is lost after restart. How can I permanently store /boot/BCD in EasyBCD?
That's actually not currently possible. I love the idea, though!

I'll add it in the next beta build :smile:
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