The missing link


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Hello there,

Recently I installed InfraRecorder 0.50 x64 under Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (Dutch version).

The program seems to be working just fine, although I have only used it to burn a few backup copies of the Recovery an Backup disks of the system.

There were, however, a couple of things thst were not quite right:

The links to InfraRecorder and Infrarecorder Help in the folder InfraRecorder in the menu Start had no target (and because of that no icon associated with them).

So they do not start InfraRecorder and Infrarecorder Help.

Of course this is easily fixed by replacing them with new self made links, but it seems to me this classifies as a bug.

Furthermore, although I am not quite sure this is a bug of InfraRecorder, the setting for the icons on the desktop was changed from show icons to hide icons.

This gave me a bit of a scare, until I discovered it was only the setting that had changed.

I think it would be worth the trouble of investigating this to see if it is caused by InfraRecorder Setup.

All in all I am a happy camper to have found such a nice an logical program to burn my cd/dvd's.

The points I mentioned are only meant to help you improve your program even more.

With kind regards,

Harrie Halfsoft