The TPM could not be initialized on Dell D610.

Big Frank

Alright Guys n Gals,

I have a problem with a Dell D610 Laptop. When I boot it up, I get the error message - 'The TPM could not be initialized'. The original fault was that the user had no network adapters visible in device manager and also network connections. Its almost as if the computer doesn't know it has any kind of Network Adapter, even Wireless.

Ive done a bit of research, and I've linked it with the TPM fault.

Anyone seen this before? I'm thinking I'll need to get a new motherboard for it?


Hiya Karl, :smile:

Go into your BIOS (probably del or f1 on boot) and reset all settings to the default. That should do the trick :smile:
I did some some refresher reading on TMP (its been a while since I've dealt with it) and found some useful info for you.

As Computer Guru mentioned, checking the BIOS (F2 at the Dell splash screen, just after powering on) is an excellent place to start. In the Security section of the BIOS will be a section on whether TMP is ON or OFF. If it is on you will also get a section to set whether TMP is ENABLED or DISABLED. Per the docuemtation for initial setup, make sure the TMP software is installed on the computer before enabling it in the BIOS (I assume it is enabled based on the problem description, but wanted to make sure you knew ...).

If you have to (re)install the TMP software, make sure you have the latest network driver installed. If the install asks you to update the driver do not tell it no, as this will prevent TMP from working correctly. Let it do an update, instead, even if you already have the latest driver for the NIC loaded.

Assuming the BIOS and software are all installed and correctly set, another option is to run the TPM diagnostics from Security Platform Settings tool (Start > Programs > Broadcom Security Platform Tools > Security Platform Settings > Self Test tab).

Considering the error you are getting, I would also recommend checking Device Manager (Control Panel > System > Hardware tab > Device Manager button) to make sure the Broadcom TPM entry is there, and does not have a ?, ! or red X on it.

Also, if the integrated network card is disabled TPM functionality will also be disabled.

If you have to reinstall the TPM software you will most likely have to restore the TPM encryption keys in order to access any secured data on the system. This restore must be done if the motherboard has been replaced.

If these suggestions don't fix the problem please let me know and I'll be happy to try and come up with more. If you have any other questions I will be more than happy to answer them.

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