the weirdest thing


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today for some reason the charger on my laptop decided to stop working and the laptop went dead i had decided that it was dead forever so after 30 min. i was checking it for cuts and dings to see if that was the cause of the problem and i could'nt find anything but i did hear a beeping sound beep beep beep like a bomb i thought it was going to blow up
(it was definatley coming from the charger) and then it just started working again like nothing happened

the questions:
1-what he hell happened
2-do chargers usually have beeping parts in them???? because it stoppped now but i don't know
I don't know, but it sounds like you need to get a replacement. You don't want to chance a faulty adapter with your laptop. The laptop/battery could be damaged if it isn't already if you keep using it.
well yeah see the thing is the laptops battery life is and has been for the past 2 years been 1-2 min. max so i doubt it can get anymore damaged so i keep the laptop plugged in at all times
It may have overloaded and shut down for a period as a failsafe. This can happen for various reasons. Short circuit or sudden voltage or temperature fluctuations. Many gadgets have those kind of protective circuits although rarely advertise the fact.
Even my electric kettle does it if it boils dry and it's hardly what one would call state-of-the-art....LOL.
well i don't know about that because i was using a protected power distributor and it has a light to show if its protected against power surges and it was on the whole time
Whats the point of a laptop if the battery lasts 1-2 minutes without the adaptor? If you don't plan on getting a new laptop in the near future, you should get a new battery/adapter.
well the beeping charger strikes again this time permanently this time i had to resort to getting a normal multiple volt charger/adapter and cutting the laptops charging ead and rewiring oit to the adapter hence a new charger
i don't know about that article but i keep the laptop plugged on ac 24/7 and use it as a desktop like half the world but now after the beeping charger the battery seems to be fried and the laptop doesn't recognize its there for even the 2-3 mins. but a battery is unneeded mostly in the way im using my laptop so oh-well
Could be that the battery was failing in the first place and the beeping charger was warning you to that fact.
dont know if its possible but is there such a thing as a curropt charger cause i just remembered after my laptops battery blew my dadused my charger on his laptop (also a dell)
and his battery went byebye 2
Are you sure its just the charger and battery or just the battery? Perhaps the chargers mechanism is deisgned to beep when it detects that the battery has gone bad?

My laptop is fairly new so ask me in about 2 to 3 years when my battery goes bad and I should be able to tell you :wink: