Think I'll have to format/reinstall XP Pro


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Things are just malfunctioning too often and boot up is getting slower and slower since I swapped a couple of applications USB ports. Fed up with trying to patch everything. Various unknown devices looking for drivers that don't exist, however all my hardware is installed and working.

It will be my C: drive XP Pro # 1, I realise if I do this that the new installation wont see Vista at all, and most likely my 2nd XP either.

Is there any point in leaving them installed or should I just wipe everything and start over?

P.S. Added later on...I found out what was slowing the boot. I'd put my M$ Lifecam VX600 on to my USB hub rather than directly into the PC...wonder why it made such a difference.

I'm still thinking of reinstalling everything as I'm getting far too many lost drivers, orphaned applications etc.

For instance, 1 month ago I had all the tools necessary to flash/update/backup my cell phone and they worked just fine. Now none of them work. Tried reinstalling, all complained of bad registry entries, corrpupted files etc. It's been almost a year since I last formatted I think...(I think :wink: )

Do it. WIpe everything and start over. I can't live without a format every 6 months of Windows, because the kernel itself bogs down.
Oh yeah, you're right about that, only once I been using Windows more than year (it's been about year and a half) and Win was booting and everything was working, BUT it was working slower and slower every day, so... --> format :smile:

Once, when I had to boot over 30 times in one day, when I booted to Win, I get Blue Screen Of Death :tongueout: and after that, it was working again, and than.... another Blue Screen Of Death, so, what ever you do, do not reboot to much in one day :tongueout:
Well, atrangely it has suddenly become revitalised. I think it heard me snarling at it and decided to behave...LOL

If I did reinstall XP # 1 would I still be able to re-establish the triple boot if XP # 2 and Vista were left where they are?