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having previously posted in another thread for a different matter and found you guys very helpful i am posting here with a different problem
my friends laptop seems to have frozen and when it does move it is extremely slow and no matter what program i use i seem to get "This program is not responding". This problem not only applies to the internet but to any windows program and even to the start menu. I have managed to run a registry cleaner, de-fragment the hard drive and run an anti-virus (no threats found) and cleared ad-on's in explorer. I have downloaded service pack 3 (currently has service pack 2 installed) but am unable to complete as it keeps freezing.
Windows XP Home edition
version 2002
service pack 2
Toshiba Satellite
celeron CPU 2.60GHz
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Just because the AV scanner didn't find anything doesnt mean the machine isn't compromised. A clean install sounds good about now, seeing as you don't know what your friends been up to or what they've been downloading off the internet.
Make sure all your cards, memory sticks and HDD connections are seated properly. Take them out and put them back a couple of times to clean up all the contacts.
Run a memtest at boot to make sure your RAM is ok.
have made sure all my connections are seated properly. I tend to believe the AV scan as he has had no internet connection till about a week ago and was unable to use the internet very much as the computer was running so slow
If the C:\ disk has sufficient empty space to support a good number of restore points, you might be lucky enough to find one old enough to take you back before the problem started.
Otherwise, if you've been imaging the system with a backup utility you can use the most recent one, but failing that, if you've eliminated hardware as responsible, it sounds like it's time for a repair install of XP, or a full reinstall, or a factory reset of the PC, in that order of priority.
Whilst the PC is still limping along, save all your user files to external storage first of course.