Three OS's


It is unclear to me how to install a third OS. Today I use WinXP, Win7, each on a partition. The Boot is controlled by Easy. I want to create a third partition and install Linux Mint on it. I do not know exactly how to proceed ...:|
You will have to use a tool such as GParted to shrink down the partitions to create free space to install Linux Mint to that space. After you install Linux Mint you will have to follow the steps listed here to repair the Win7 Boot loader and then add and entry for Linux Mint.
After installing Linux, Grub took control of the Boot. I access WIN7 and using the Easy included Linux as an one more OS. But when I try to access Linux, there are the messages:
Booting /boot/grub.conf

find --set-root--ignore-floppíoes/boot/grub.conmf
Error 15: file not found

Is there any solution??