Time problems with switching from Vista to Pclinuxos and vice versa


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I set the time in Vista and then switched to Pclinuxos and set the time.
Now if I switch back to Vista the time is incorrect. Set it again and go back to Pclinuxos and the time is now wrong.
The time zones are both set to est in the US.
I am not trying to get the time from the internet cause that really causes problems.
Spent hours on this and am still baffled.

If someone else has had this problem I would be very interested in how they fixed it.
This is because Linux, BSD, etc. usually set the hardware clock to UTC and offset it by the timezone through software. Windows, by contrast, sets the hardware clock to your current timezone.

There's an option (somewhere, don't use PCLinuxOS myself and therefore am of no use here) to set the hardware clock to UTC or not - you should select "not."
Thank you much CG.
I will try to find and do what you suggested.
It's been driving me crazy.


Problem is now solved.
Vista is handling TIME one way and PcLinuxOS another.
Thank you CG
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