Time to update your Ubuntu install demo guide


I tried to install Ubuntu 9.10 using Easy BCD 2.00 (build 88) but your guide done with Vista seems to be missing steps or 9.10 vs whatever installed has chnaged. I click on install Ubuntu and while your guide states "answer basic questions" it does go throught various install steps and it does install GRUB to W7 MBR...no prompting whether I want to or not/ The first screens that require me to perform anything was the screen with advance tab, where I selected manual or whatever your guide suggested. So if you have time...re-do your Ubuntu,9.10 install guide. Also address after the advance tab ...Ubuntu requires you to format drive.....does not reconize NTFS and also wants a SWAP partition....no advnace warning from Ubuntu on that area.

In the end grub appears to works gave choices between W7 and Ubuntu but Ubuntu had errors. Error 1. Power Management and then it listed two logins.....for for my account that I created but then another for systid.......have no idea what systid log-in is. What is the best method to ensure GRUB will not install.....disconnecting the primary drive. I have 2 harddrives.

So I restore my drive .
Hi jrpiazza,

It seems the GRUB2 support in the latest EasyBCD 2 builds was broken. Please download and use Build 91 instead, which should fix the problem.
Updating Ubunti guide

Confuse?? Base on your answer, should I installed Ubuntu while Windows is running and therefore, have Easy BCD running? Because I booted from Ubuntu disk so Easy BCD could not intercept the grub install.

Again, whenever possible, get someone to update that Ubuntu install guide.
Confuse?? Base on your answer, should I installed Ubuntu while Windows is running and therefore, have Easy BCD running?
If you try to install Ubuntu while Windows is running, the only option you will be presented is Wubi -- which I don't recommend. That installs GRUB4DOS and adds an entry to the BCD so that when you boot again, you will be presented with an additional selection in the MS OS selection menu. That is NOT the same as the GRUB/GRUB2 versions that are installed as a byproduct of traditional Ubuntu installations.
After you installed Linux, keeping grub to its own partition, you rebooted W7 and ran EasyBCD to add a linux entry to the W7 BCD.
That build of EasyBCD was broken.
Get the latest build.
Delete the Linux entry
Add a new Linux entry, select grub2 from the dropdown.
You don't need to do anything to Ubuntu.

For the last year, the sole developer of the software you get here completely free, has been developing the new release, completing his University degree, starting a new job, administering this site and answering thousands of queries.
With the last task he's had basically just two of us volunteer helpers, and with the penultimate task, just me to help, and
neither of us has had time to go back through the hundreds of wiki pages and keep them up to date.

The latest information is always to be found here in the forum posts.
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I plan on updating the Wiki as soon as EasyBCD 2.0 is released. I can do more than one thing at a time, but only so much. I figure what's the point of documentation if the software it talks about doesn't exist? :grinning:

Dear Terry;

I am sorry for even suggesting update the documentation. I assumed all condition you just stated.....person is finishing his degree (grad level); person has a paying job, website is maintain by him and the 2/3 others, who, I see post replies. And again I apolegize ...it is just after seeing so many simple questions posted......which clearly shows the individuals did not read through all the post and individuals asking you to resolve their problesm as if they pay $$$ for this product......that I decided to take a chance, have some courage and make and unreasonable request.....

Thanks for all the help. I will try and install ubuntu with W7 again.
The forum gets updated the most and most of the time we end up having to direct users to the documentation from here (not the other way around). You can't expect us to document a product thats still actively putting out beta builds every other week if not more. The UIs been completely re-designed so sure some of the command locations have changed, but we need to release the final before we can update everything.

So basically I understand where you're coming from but the support we provide on the forums should be more than good enough until the documentation can be updated.