Tomcat + IIS: IE and Firefox differences


I am running Tomcat 5.5.25 with IIS 6 passing through requests with isapi_redirect.dll (v1.2.26.0). When I use IE 6 and go to it redirects to tomcat just fine. When I use firefox and go to it redirects to tomcat just fine.
HOWEVER, when I use firefox and go to I get an open/save dialog box??? Has anyone run into this? I have confirmed that this is only my computer so it seems to be a browser problem and not a server problem.
Well i just used firefox and i didnt get a save prompt when going to that site. It could be related to extensions you have installed.

Will have to wait for our resident Firefox guy to see this and stop by. I only breifly dab in Firefox. I use Opera.
I think that's just a sample link, not the one he's actually referring to :smile:

whitneje, the problem is because IIS is configured to redirect requests to URIs matching certain forms over to Tomcat, and I guess "/" doesn't match.

My recommendation (for the easiest way) is to just redirect all requests to "/" to home.jsp (or whatever the index file for your JSP application is).
"/" should match. The site works just fine in IE (and other computers running Firefox). On my machine in Firefox it appears that it is trying to download the byte stream instead of rendering the page.
Internet Explorer 6 parses content according to the extension. Internet Explorer 7 uses both the extension and the MIME type to determine the content. Firefox uses the MIME type to determine the content.

If you open the document (in FF, when prompted to download it) do you get the proper content?